Natural Resources Wales – Inshore Tracking of Migratory Fish Species


I’m currently working with colleagues from AST, Swansea University and the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, on a review for Natural Resources Wales of tracking options to monitor key migratory species across selected zones of the Welsh coastline. 

This feasibility study will look at options for increasing knowledge of the use of Welsh marine areas by diadromous fish. Protected migratory fish have the potential to be adversely affected by marine developments such as marine energy devices, both directly through collision and indirectly through displacement from habitats and migration routes.  The study should primarily focus on fish species designated under the European Habitats Directive Annex II in Wales: Atlantic salmon, allis and twaite shad, river and sea lamprey. Other diadromous fish of conservation interest such as: sea trout, European eel and smelt/sparling, will also be considered.