The Freshwater Detective Course – One Day


This one-day, introductory course consists of a series of interactive introductory talks and a practical field session. It arose from requests for a basic course that would introduce volunteers, anglers, farmers and foresters to the pattern of life in our rivers and streams. It is designed as a bespoke course and can be tailored to suit the needs of a wide range of interest groups. The afternoon programme includes basic training on how to carry out a river survey, the collection and identification of key indicator invertebrate and plant species, ensuring connectivity within catchments and the importance of removing barriers to fish migration.  The classroom components can be delivered online. The tutor provides each participant with a Certificate of Completion.  No previous knowledge of freshwater biology or ecology is required.

What is covered:

  • The formation of Ireland’s rivers and lakes
  • The water cycle
  • The arrival of native plants and animals
  • Reading river channels and lake margins
  • Managing floods to our advantage
  • Water quality – indicator species
  • Biosecurity and invasive species
  • Climate Change – impacts, benefits and concerns
  • Mobilising the citizen scientist to guard and protect our water resources