Ken Whelan – Fisheries Scientist

I am Ken Whelan – a fisheries scientist with extensive international experience and a substantial publication record.  I now work as a marine and freshwater fisheries consultant.

Scientific work

  • sport fisheries – marine and freshwater
  • the marine and freshwater ecology of migratory fish
  • the ecology of freshwater sport fish species
  • the ecology of freshwater invertebrates
  • biodiversity
  • climate change impacts on the aquatic environment.

I have extensive experience of technical project management and sourcing research funding in these fields.

freshwater & marine sport fisheries

I also specialise in recreational angling and can advise on all aspects of running freshwater or marine sport fisheries:

  • stock management – conservation, restoration and enhancement
  • fishery management (stock assessment, fishery regulations,  catch & release, harvest strategies etc.)
  • environmental impacts (assessment, mitigation etc.)
  • providing courses on water craft, ecology, fisheries, angling methods and angling guide training
  • promotion and marketing of the angling product.

Media experience

  • Wildlife films
  • TV
  • Radio (I’m a regular contributor  to the Mooney Goes Wild wildlife programme on Irish radio (
  • Magazine articles – for example Off the Scale Magazine – March / April 2018 – Rainbow Revolution by Ken Whelan.

Work with Ken