Publications and Media

Some examples:


 Nomads of the Tides: Fishing for Irish Sea -Trout   Medlar Press, 2013 ( -with Chris McCully

Celebrating Irish Salmon  Artisan House Editions, 2013 ( – with Mairin Ui Chomain

Irish Rivers (1986.  Ed: Éamon de Buitléar) Dooge, J., Goodwillie, R., Heuff, H and Whelan , K.F..  Country House, Dublin.  (pp.128)

The Book of the Irish Countryside -Wildlife in the Countryside – Fish, (1987) Town House, 163 – 170. (As Robert O’ Kelly)

The Angler in Ireland: Game, Coarse and Sea. (1989) Town House, Dublin. 408pp.


Recent Book Chapters:

Swier Ad,  A World of Pike Flies (2013), Westerlaan Publisher, Lichtenvoorde, Netherlands. 208pp

Kelly-Quinn, M. and Baars, J-R, (2012) The Remarkable Rye Water – Celebrating 20 years of commitment to the Rye Water and it’s valley. Hudson Killeen.  Dublin and Intel Ltd, Leixlip, Dublin 83pp.


Selection of Scientific Papers

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Recent Popular Articles:

Whelan Ken (2011) – Salmon at Sea – Trout and Salmon Magazine, UK, December 2011

Whelan Ken (2013) – Saving our Salmon at Sea – Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Magazine, UK, March 2013

Whelan Ken (2013) – Chile’s Great Escape – Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Magazine, UK, September 2013

Whelan Ken (2013) – Angling Carries Weight – Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Magazine, UK, October 2013

Whelan Ken (2014) – Under Pressure – The Atlantic Salmon – Irish Wildlife Magazine, Irish Wildlife Trust, Ireland. Winter Issue, 2014.

Whelan Ken (2014) – Atlantic Salmon Lost at Sea – Sherkin Comment, Environmental Quarterly of Sherkin Island Marine Station, Ireland. Issue No. 58.

Whelan Ken (2016) – From Hell to Heaven – Trout and Salmon Magazine, UK, February 2016

Whelan Ken (2017)  – A Summer in the Alps – Trout & Salmon Magazine, UK, April 2017


Managing Ireland’s Salmon – 1985  ( CFB Film Unit) Running Time – 50 mins. Format 16mm and VHS. Co-producer, scientific adviser, script writer, co-presenter.

 Salmon a Changing Scene – 1987 ( CFB Film Unit) Running Time – 20 mins. Format 16mm and VHS. Co-producer, scientific adviser, script writer, presenter.

A Fishing Life – 1995 ( Eamon de Buitléar Film Unit) Running Time – 30 mins. Format 16mm and VHS. Co-producer, scientific adviser, script writer, presenter.

The Wild Atlantic Salmon – 1998 ( Performance Films (UK) / Eamon de Buitléar Film Unit) Running Time – 30 mins. Format 16mm and VHS. Co-producer, scientific adviser, script writer.

A Life in the Wild  – 2012 (Eamon de Buitléar Film Unit  ) – Series – containing clips form a range of films made with E de B.

Atlantic Salmon Lost at Sea – 2016 (post- production on-going) Castletown Productions – Associate Producer , Scientific Advisor, Scripting  and Participant.


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